At Restoring Independence we strive to provide our community information and resources that fosters an independent lifestyle. 508(c)(1)(a)

About Us

Our Efforts

We hope that by opening the doors to our community and by offering information and resources that are geared towards a more independent way of living that our society will have renewed independence.

In an effort to raise the funds necessary to purchase a building for the Community Center, Restoring Independence is hosting a fundraiser at the hopeful future site, 1555 Washing St Blair NE, on October 29th from 4pm to 9pm.

This building would provide the space for small gatherings, community meetings, a recording studio, co-op homeschool, community outreach groups, and a wide variety of classes; canning, food preservation, self-defense, firearm safety, indoor and outdoor gardening, sewing, health and wellness, home maintenance and repair, and so much more!

Restoring Independence is a faith based ministerial association who’s mission is to provide the knowledge and resources for a healthy and independent lifestyle. All donations for this effort are tax deductible and will stay right here in our state to help our fellow Nebraskans and promote Nebraska values!

Please come and help us grow this effort! With the support of the community and all the freedom loving individuals of Nebraska we can start making the changes we’ve all been praying for!!!

How You Can Help

Become a Member

By registering as a member of Restoring Independence you are welcomed into a community that works tirelessly to encourage, empower, and instill true independence into our everyday lives and communities.

Participate in a variety of classes for the whole family!
Join us for monthly meetings, group efforts, and community outreach!
Advocate for Restoring Independence across the state of Nebraska!

Become a Sponsor

Your gift will help equip children and families in need with necessary resources, training and education while offering the promise of a brighter future. You can make a difference today by becoming a sponsor of Restoring Independence.

Gold Patriot: $10,000
Silver Warrior: $5,000
Bronze Gaurdian: $1,000

*Accepting Cashor Check *Make Payable to Restoring Independence PMA

In a world surrounded by darkness…

…be a beacon of light for those around you.