Restoring Independence is a faith based ministerial association who’s mission is to provide the knowledge and resources for a healthy and independent lifestyle. Through the years our Founders and Board of Trustees have become strong leaders among the communities, families, and liberty loving individuals across the state of Nebraska.

Parents of these communities have expressed the need for a secure place for their children to be educated and provided the opportunities that foster an independent lifestyle.
Many local grassroots affiliations and community groups that have needs for space to host meetings and events that won’t cancel on them for a difference of opinion or ideology.
There are a communities of all demographics and ages that have a desire to gather with, support, and grow a Ministry aiming to foster an independent lifestyle.

Restoring Independence knows freedom isn’t free, but it is our mission! Through the hard-work and dedication of our leaders, members, and the public, we can restore independence to the citizens across the state of Nebraska.

Our Founders

Allie French was born in Kansas and raised in Nebraska her entire life. Allie is the mother to two amazing children and a birth-mom to an almost 10 year old. Allie dove into the medical freedom movement in 2019 and has taken every opportunity since to get involved and raise awareness across the state of Nebraska in advocacy of our medical freedoms, 2nd amendment rights, eliminating government overreach, and being a service to the people of our communities.

Allie French + Founder

Scott Bush is a Nebraska native of 42 years. He’s been a mechanical journeyman for 20 years, a small business owner for 8 years, and home/commercial mechanical maintenance specialist. Scott became involved with NAGO to fight mask and vaccine mandates. His first involvement included a mask testing unit for a NAGO event and led to speaking at school board, city council, and legislative hearings. Scott is an avid 2A advocate, gun hobbyist and has been involved in starting multiple patriot based groups.

Scott Bush + Co-Founder

Our Founding Board of Trustees

Jennifer Ridenour is a homeschooling mom of two. She is a nursing student turned holistic nutritionist and runs her own business helping people heal, thrive, and learn about their bodies through nutrition. Jennifer is passionate about functional health along with gardening and homesteading. Her and her husband Breland have both been involved in the community, standing up for our medical freedoms, the constitution and our independence!

Jennifer Ridenour

Sheryl Concannon is a lifelong Nebraskan, mother, and widow of a chiropractor that served his country in a time of dire need. Sherly has been a foundational support to NAGOs efforts.

Sheryl Concannon

Kendra Guaksson is a Nebraska Native who moved her family back to Lincoln after spending 17 years in Colorado.
Kendra and her husband have been married for 16 years, have 3 beautiful children that attend private school in Lincoln, and are small business owners of a local electrical contracting company.
Kendra got involved with local politics at the time of NAGOs conception in 2020. She has spent time at city council and school board meetings as well as numerous public hearings at the NE Unicameral to hold our elected officals accountable.
Her primary focus has been on protecting the children of our state and is actively working towards getting school choice legislation passed in Nebraska!

Kendra Gauksson

Ashely Mason is a God-fearing wife and mother of 4 homeschooled children. Ashley has worked for over 15 years among her community as a peer counselor, lactation and child birth educator with the Doulas of Lincoln, with the Nebraska Homeschool community, and in local politics in Beatrice & Gage County as the leader of a Patriots group.
Her passion to serve others in a Christ like manner while focusing on medical freedom and constitutional education has prepared her for this new path.

Ashley Mason

Become a beacon of light!